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A lot of dudes think women dress slutty for them, but honestly if men weren’t such fucking animals I would dress 300000% more slutty then I do now. You people ruin everything.  

I wanna wear this shit outside god damn it. 

Oh my god SO TRUE. I would constantly wear thigh highs and short skirts and underbust corsets because I look so fucking good. God forbid women like their OWN bodies, too.

For real !! like 90 % of my fucking wardrobe now is just for cam cause it’s too sexy to wear in public. Fucking bullshit.  I use to wear thigh highs with garters with shorts a lot but I got sooo many comments. Fucking… people. You literally just saw the tops of my thighs. But all the dudes are like ‘Why wear that if you don’t want attention???’ cause i look fine as hell and I don’t give a shit about some fucking random broke ass dudes on the corner. 

I can’t even express how much this describes my feelings. Bitch I wear my corsets and my fishnets and my heels the size you wish your dick was because they make me feel fucking fabulous, not because I want you to tell me how much you’d like to “smash” me.

Heels the size you wish your dick was.





when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.




scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go

How to obtain your very own bisexual
Step one: Place a box in an open field propped up with a stick. Attach a string to the stick. Much like cats, bisexuals are drawn to boxes and in some cases, this will be enough.
Step two: Under the box place a pile of glitter and a boombox playing Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance. Bisexuals feed on glitter and will find it irresistible. Dance Dance is, as everybody knows, the mating call of the bisexual.
Step three: Wait patiently and be ready to pull the string when the bisexual draws near.
Step four: Be sure to feed your new bisexual lots of glitter and give it fresh water daily.


I have regrets about writing “cut wide to reveal a room completely stuffed full of people” into this comic script.

This is the last page I need to rough, woo hoo! There would be more ‘woo hoo’ if this page wasn’t taking the time of, like, five pages of roughs. I definitely need to come up with a better shorthand for crowds before I start the Glass Scientists story proper. :|


screencap redraws, thank you free-caps

what the hell is a dried up youthful fame anyway

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why do people get so mad about puns? they’re literally the nicest kind of humor. they make nobody feel bad. it’s just clever. sometimes it’s original. learn to like puns. don’t let society run your life

Some may not admit it, but 99% of the anger people experience after a good pun comes from the fact that they didn’t think of it first.


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom





i don’t get this. why does this have so many notes. does it have to do with the type of ice cream? Napoleon ice cream? Napoleon Bonaparte? is that Napoleon Bonaparte’s hand?

nobody explain






We all know that feeling, vending machine